swoon logo-01In 2013 I founded Swoon, a Vancouver-based reading series celebrating love in all its weird and wonderful forms. I co-host the biannual events with Sierra Skye Gemma, an award-winning writer and all-around awesome person. Swoon events are always super fun and we’re really proud of the warm, carrying community that surrounds our series.

Here is an excerpt from our mission statement:

Swoon is a reading series that focuses on love, sex, and chocolate. It seeks to celebrate the best things of life while supporting and showcasing emerging and established writers. We offer a safe, open, welcoming community for writers and readers. There is space here for great writing, for love, and the darkness that so often accompanies both of those things, but we also want to remind ourselves of the legitimacy of happiness, and of being lighthearted.

If you are a writer (or if you represent a writer) who would like to perform stories or poems about love in front of an appreciative audience inside a delightful café and eat delicious cheesecake with us, then please contact Swoon directly at, or tweet at @swoonvancouver. You can also like Swoon on Facebook, from where you can RSVP to our events.

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