Contact Me

Are you or your club or workshop interested in having me perform for you at an upcoming event? I would probably love to!

Would you like to publish my work? That sounds good to me–let’s talk!

Would you like to hire me to do some editing work for you? Let me know! I edit everything from poetry to book-length memoirs to wedding vows.

Are you an emerging writer who’d like feedback on your work? Let’s chat about the possibility of a 6-month online mentorship with me!

Do you want to talk about poems and stories and/or chocolate soufflés? Do you have something you think I should read? Know of a performance I should go see? Have a great writing prompt you want to share? Know a fantastic shop that has holographic nail polish on sale? Have you had a wonderful new bird sighting you want to chat about?

You can reach me at



Are you looking to enroll your child in speech arts classes with me? Check out the details on my Teaching page and then email me to ask about registration in the Okanagan area. If you’re in Vancouver, I recommend you contact the Bolton Academy of Spoken Arts (where I taught for five years) via the school’s website.

2 thoughts on “Contact Me”

  1. Hi email to this address is bouncing back undeliverable. I have a question about Boobs submissions. Cheers, Valley Hennell

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