The Brightest Thing. Caitlin Press, Spring 2019. Buy it!

Boobs: Women Explore What it Mean to Have Breasts, ed. Ruth Daniell. Caitlin Press, Spring 2016. Buy it! 

Four Portraits, co-authored/illustrated by Ruth Daniell and Laura Ritland. JackPine Press, Spring 2016. Buy it!


Longlist, CBC Poetry Prize, “The Third Eldest Sea Princess,” 2012.

Longlist, CBC Poetry Prize, “Waiting for spring, or something,” 2013.

Finalist, Contemporary Verse 2, Young Buck Poetry Prize, “Rapunzel,” 2013.

1st place, CBC Canada Writes, Shakespeare Selfie Competition, “Ophelia, attending a garden on the ground floor of a Vancouver apartment building,” 2014. (Read it here.)

Finalist, The London Magazine, International Poetry Competition, “The Knight, The Young Girl, and Death,” 2014.

Nomination, One Throne Magazine, The Pushcart Prize, “Love and Nail Polish,” 2014. (Read it here.)

1st place, Contemporary Verse 2, Young Buck Poetry Prize, “Fire and Safety,” 2014. (Read the announcement here.)

Shortlist, Arc Poetry Magazine, Poem of the Year, “Lavinia,” 2015.

Finalist, Synaesthesia Magazine, Synaesthesia Magazine Poetry Competition, “Three Poems,” 2015.

Shortlist, Pulp Literature, 2016 Magpie Award for Poetry, 2016.

1st Prize, The New Quarterly,  Nick Blatchford Occasional Verse Contest, “Wedding Anniversary,” 2016.


Poetry: “Preface to Casanova’s Histoire de ma Vie in The Malahat Review, issue 167, Summer 2009. Victoria, BC. Print. Reprinted online at Autumn Sky Poetry Daily on March 26, 2015.

Poetry: “A Story Without the Word ‘No’ Spoken Aloud” in Walk Myself Home: An Anthology to End Violence Against Women, Caitlin Press, ed. Andrea Routley. 2010. Halfmoon Bay, BC. Print.

Poetry: “Rapunzel”. Finalist for the 2013 Young Buck Poetry Prize Contest. Contemporary  Verse 2, Summer 2014. Winnipeg, MB. Print.

Poetry: “Ophelia, attending a garden on the ground floor of a Vancouver apartment building”. First prize winner of the CBC Shakespeare Selfie Challenge (adult category). CBC website, May 2014. Toronto, ON. Online.

Poetry: “Fairy Tales I” and “Fairy Tales II” in Room Magazine, Geek Girls issue (37.3), Fall 2014. Vancouver, BC. Print.

Poetry: “Mirror Stage” and “I’ve never read a love poem” in Echolocation, Fall 2014. Toronto, ON. Print.

Poetry: “Love and Nail Polish,” Pushcart Prize nominee. One Throne Magazine, Winter 2014. Dawson City, Yukon. Online.

Poetry: “Book of Alternative Services” and “I’m suffering from depression and you” in Dappled Things, Christmas 2014. Arlington, TX. Print.

Poetry: “I meant to be there forever” in Blue Unicorn, Volume 38, Number 2, February 2015. Kensington, CA. Print.

Poetry: “Night Exposure” in Plenitude Magazine, February 2015. Halfmoon Bay, BC. Online.

Poetry: “Poem Featuring a 1994 Toyota Tacoma” and “Another Poem Featuring a 1994 Toyota Tacoma” in Dreamland, issue 5, Winter 2015. Prince George, BC. Print.

Poetry: “Beauty” in Rose Red Review, March 2015. Georgia, USA. Online.

Fiction: “Colossal” in Vending Machine Press, Issue 9, April 2015. Newtown NSW, Australia. Online.

Fiction: “Daily Bread,” Pushcart Prize nominee. Synaesthesia Magazine, Eat issue, April 2015. West Sussex, UK. Online.

Poetry: “Love and IKEA II” and “January has been terrible so far” in The Maynard, Spring 2015. Vancouver, BC. Online.

Poetry: “You’re Living in a Big City Now” and “April 17:” in The City Series: Number One – Vancouver, Frog Hollow Press, ed. Michael Prior. Spring 2015. Victoria, BC. Print.

Fiction: “Mermaid in the Seine” in (parenthetical), issue eight, July 2015. Toronto, ON. Print and online.

Poetry: “Sorrow Halved” in Arc Poetry Magazine, issue 77, Summer 2015. Ottawa, ON. Print.

Poetry: “The Third Eldest Sea Princess” in Grain, issue 42.3. Summer 2015. Saskatoon, SK. Print.

Fiction: “The Market Amaryllis” in Canthius Literary Journal, No. 1, Fall 2015. Toronto, ON.  Print.

Poetry: “Winter Light” in Petal Journal, Fall 2015. Toronto, ON. Online.

Poetry: “Bluebeard’s First Wife” in The Quilliad, Fall 2015. Toronto, ON. Print.

Poetry: “Briar Rose”  in Blue Unicorn, October 2015 issue. Kensington, CA. Print.

Poetry: “Blue Moon (Honeymoon)”, “Swans” and “Blue” in Qwerty, issue 33/34. Fredericton, NB. Print.

Poetry: “Fire and Safety,” first prize winner of the 2014 Young Buck Poetry Prize, in Contemporary Verse 2, Winter 2015. Winnipeg, MB. Print.

Poetry: “The Giantess” in The Antigonish Review, #184, Winter 2016.  Antigonish, NS. Print.

Poetry: “Love and Paradise Lost” and “Waiting for spring, or something” in Event Magazine, issue 45.2 Fall 2016. New Westminster, BC. Print.

Poetry: “Wedding Anniversary,” first prize winner of the 2016  Blatchford Occasional Verse Contest, in The New Quarterly, issue 140, Fall 2016. Waterloo, ON. Print and e-subscription.

Poetry: “Loyalty and Violence” for the No Comment project with Room Magazine, November 2016. Online.

Poetry: “Half-Shark” in (parenthetical), issue seventeen.  January 2016. Toronto, ON. Print and online.

Poetry: “Tinaja” in Word and Colour, February 2017. Toronto, ON. Online.

Fiction: “Shish Kabob” in Quaint Magazine, issue 6. Spring 2017.  New Orleans, LA. Print and online.

Poetry: “Love and Impatience” in Synaesthesia Magazine, BODY&SEX issue, March 2017. London/Devon, UK. Online.

Poetry: “Folk tale type 425C” and “On Learning a Girlfriend Started Cutting Again” in Grain, issue 44.3, Spring 2017. Print.

Poetry: “Dust,” “Love and Nintendo,” and “Creatures” in Room Magazine, 40.2, Spring 2017. Vancouver, BC. Print.

Poetry: “Poem for a Protective Brother” in Gingerbread House Literary Magazine, spring 2017 (forthcoming). Online.

Poetry: “Natural Behaviours” in Word and Colour, May 2017.  Toronto, ON. Online.

Poetry: “Nesting” in Bird’s Thumb, June 2017. Online.

Poetry: “Donkeyskin” in Blue Unicorn, future issue (forthcoming). Kensington, CA. Print.

Poetry: “The Passionate Bowerbird to his Mate” in The Feathertale Review, issue #19, Fall 2017. (forthcoming). Print.

Poetry: “The Chocolatier’s Placein Sustenance: Writers from BC and Beyond on the Subject of Food, Anvil Press, Fall 2017 (forthcoming). Vancouver, BC.

Poetry: “The Chair” in GUSH: menstrual manifestos for our times, Frontenac House, Spring 2018 (forthcoming). Calgary, AB.


Humour: “10 Ways to Annoy a Poet (and other writers of “less marketable literature”) on the PRISM international website, December 2013. Online.

Review: “Review of Glad & Sorry Seasons by Catherine Chandler” on the PRISM international website, March 2015. Online.

Essay: “How a Poem Works: ‘Sex Next Door’ by Julie Bruck” on the Brick Books Celebration of Canadian Poetry, March 2015. Online.

Review: “Two Poets Discuss Melissa Bull’s Rue and Tayla Rubin’s Leaving the Island” on the Maisonneuve website, co-authored with Laura Ritland, September 2015. Online.

Memoir: “Steven Price Presented by Ruth Daniell” on the Brick Books Celebration of Canadian Poetry, July 2016. Online.


More of Ruth’s writing is available on the website for Swoon, the literary reading series she founded in 2013. She has published interviews with writers Garth Martens, Jordan Hall, Jeffrey Ricker, Elise Marcella Godfrey, and Adrienne Gruber.


September 2013: In conversation about the CBC Poetry Prize, Katherine Bitney mentioned Ruth’s poem, “Fire and Safety, or, If my little brother is jumping out of helicopters into raging flames, I don’t want to know about it” and talked about how it surprised her: “CBC Poetry Prize: Fearlessness, risk, and challenge.” This poem later went on to win the Young Buck Poetry Prize through Contemporary Verse 2 and judge Sue Goyette. The poem was published in the winter 2015 issue of Contemporary Verse 2.

May 2014: When Ruth won the 2014 CBC Shakespeare Selfie Challenge, the kind folks at CBC did a short Q&A with her, which you can read online: “Shakespeare Selfie Challenge, adult category: We have a winner!

October 2014: Jeffrey Ricker asked Ruth to participate in the Writer’s Tag and Blog Hop. You can find the whole post over here: “The Writer Tag and Blog Hop, or: My writing process, complete with a robin in the garden.”

April 2015: Ruth was interviewed by Geosi Gyasi, a Ghanaian poet who writes the popular book blog Geosi Reads. You can read the entire blog feature here: “Interview with Ruth Daniell, Winner of the 2014 Young Buck Poetry Prize.”

April 2015: Nat Newman of The Review Review did a review of the EAT issue of Synaesthesia Magazine, with mention of Ruth’s story, “Daily Bread.” You can read it here: “Online Mag Blends Scrumptious Visuals & Writing in ‘Eat’ Issue.”

December 2015: Francine Cunningham, executive of the UBC Creative Writing Alumni Association, interviewed Ruth about her current projects and her inspirations for writing: “An interview with poet Ruth Daniell.”

March 2016: For International Women’s Day, Julia Horel interviewed Ruth Daniell, Zuri Scrivens, Christina Myers, Emily Davidson, Devin Casey, and Lynn Easton as part of All Lit Up’s feature on Boobs: Women Explore What It Means to Have Breasts. The feature appeared in Jules’ Tools for Social Change, a column that features a book, author or publisher whose work deals with issues of race, gender, sexuality, ability, colonialism, economic justice, or other social justice topics:  Jules’ Tools for Change: Boobs: interviews with anthology contributors

April 2016: A review of Boobs by Naomi of Consumed by Ink.

May 2016: Ljudmila Petrovic of SAD Mag did a review of Boobs: Women Explore What it Means to Have Breasts.

May 2016: Claire Matthews of Loose Lips Magazine interviewed Ruth Daniell about Boobs: Women Explore What it Means to Have Breasts. Read the interview: Vancouver Based Anthology Celebrates Boobs.

February 2017: Kim Jernigan of The New Quarterly interviewed Ruth Daniell about winning the 2016 Nick Blatchford Occasional Verse Contest for her poem “Wedding Anniversary,” in addition to discussions about writing process, memory, influence, and performance. Read the interview:  Memory, Desire, and the Aural Imagination.


Ruth Daniell writes children’s literature as Ruth Johnston.

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