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I was recently interviewed by Geosi Gyasi, a Ghanaian poet who writes the popular book blog Geosi Reads. You can now read the whole interview online. I talk about the origins of Swoon, my belief in the importance of speech arts and teaching, my thoughts on literary prizes, as well as some musings about my writing process, with particular insight into how I wrote “Love and Nail Polish,” which was published in One Throne Magazine and is currently nominated for the Pushcart Prize. I also talk about Rapunzel and my interest in fairy tales and the preoccupations about love and desire I explore in both my fiction and poetry. Geosi asked interesting and varied questions, and I hope you’ll enjoy the interview!

IMG_8418Earlier today, the gorgeous Sierra Skye Gemma and I met up for another meeting about the upcoming Swoon event (have you marked April 25th on your calendar yet?); we went for ice cream at the new Cambie location of Rain or Shine Ice Cream–because we decided that their salted caramel ice cream would be crucial to a productive meeting. And quite appropriate, really, considering that this year’s Poetry Month theme is food. Ice cream is, undeniably, food. And it might just inspire a poem or two!