Online launch of Resistance: Righteous Rage in the Age of #metoo

It means so much to me to be a part of this book and to have a performance as part of the online launch. My thanks to Sue Goyette and all my fellow contributors, and the publisher, for making this important and necessary book possible.

“Blue Moon” Under the Bus Shelter

I’m gobsmacked. It’s really so cool to know that my poem is on a poster at a bus shelter (actually, two! there are two posters that feature my poem!). And my poem will be driving around the province on public transit buses, too. Thank to everyone at Read Local BC for choosing my little loveContinue reading ““Blue Moon” Under the Bus Shelter”

Poem included in Poetry in Transit

Hi, friends! I’ll be performing (online) as part of the launch of Poetry in Transit on September 25, 1-2pm. It’s a free event presented by Read Local BC and you can register here. I’m very excited to have a poem on public transit–it’s been a little dream of mine since I was a wee undergraduateContinue reading “Poem included in Poetry in Transit”

New poem forthcoming in Watch Your Head (anthology)

I’m thrilled to be a contributor to this important project: Watch Your Head: Responding to the Climate Crisis. The book is due to be released in the fall, but the book’s cover is revealed now and you can pre-order. Please do. This book’s proceeds will go towards battling the climate crisis, and it’s full ofContinue reading “New poem forthcoming in Watch Your Head (anthology)”

Poem included in Poetry in Voice anthology

I grew up performing other writers’ work in speech arts festivals, nursing the hope that one day I would be a published writer like those whose work I knew by heart. It means so much to know that today there are young performers who are performing my poetry. Truly, one of the things I’m mostContinue reading “Poem included in Poetry in Voice anthology”

Wearing Tiaras: new essay on fairy tales & feminism up on All Lit Up Canada

I’ve got a new essay on fairy tales and feminism up on All Lit Canada. In it I tell all of you to read Amanda Leduc’s excellent book on fairy tales, disability, and making space… and quietly hope you’ll also read my book on fairy tales, contemporary rape culture, love and healing. I also tellContinue reading “Wearing Tiaras: new essay on fairy tales & feminism up on All Lit Up Canada”

In this new decade, as in any other, love makes sense

Heading into a new decade, I’m looking back, & looking forward. Time passes so quickly. It was only yesterday I was a child playing make believe with my brother. Today my 8-month-old son pulled himself to standing for the first time, & my 2-year-old daughter announced, loudly, at dinner, “I’m a sweetheart!” Happy New Year,Continue reading “In this new decade, as in any other, love makes sense”

The Brightest Thing in Ontario

This is one of my favourite photos taken of me in 2019 (you’d be right to guess that all my other favourites also feature Henry and/or his big sister Rose), and as this decade comes to a close I thought I’d share it. This is me wearing Henry (then 6 months old) onstage the mainContinue reading “The Brightest Thing in Ontario”

The Brightest Thing reviewed in The Ormsby Review

My book, The Brightest Thing, gets a lovely review by Myshara Herbert-McMyn of The Ormsby Review. You can follow the link to read the entire review. “By using the princess’s silenced voices, Daniell gives the nameless young woman a voice more powerful than the suffocating prince in the tales … She also shows us theContinue reading “The Brightest Thing reviewed in The Ormsby Review”