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Maynard Spring 2015

We’re right smack in the middle of Poetry Month and I’m super pleased to show you all the two poems that have just been published in The Maynard: “Love and IKEA II” and “January is terrible so far.” As a bonus, you can also click on the corresponding audio files, so you can hear me read my poems to you, if you like!

My thanks in advance to those of you who read the poems and those of you willing to boost the signal by spreading the word and sharing! And thanks to the editors of The Maynard—Raoul Fernandes, Mark Hoadley, and Ram Randhawa—who are just wonderful! I’m so pleased to be featured in such a gorgeous journal, alongside the other writers whose work graces these pages.

An artist named Megan Chursinoff created the cover art for this issue, and I think it’s just gorgeous! The designs within the oranges remind me of Spirographs, which I loved as a kid.