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Synesthesia Magazine contest

Photograph (via Synesthesia Magazine) by Kelley Bozarth

The kind folks at Synaesthesia Magazine have just announced the finalists for their 2015 Poetry Competition, and I’m honoured to be included on their list!

Synaesthesia Magazine is a growing magazine based out of the UK of which I am a really big fan; they do really wonderful, gorgeous things with design, in addition to publishing good writing.  You may remember that they recently published one of my short stories, and I’m pretty pleased to be recognized by them for poetry, too (and by their guest judge, Mark Cugini)!

The winners of the poetry contest will be revealed in July. In the meantime, you can go read their most recent issue, EAT, including my fiction “Daily Bread.” The founding editors Annabelle Carvell and Carlotte Eden are two of the nicest gals ever, and truly passionate about putting together a beautiful magazine, and definitely worth supporting with your clicks and shares!

Synesthesia Magazine logo2

Artwork (via Synaesthesia Magazine) by Meghan Niittynen