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Awhile back, Francine Cunningham interviewed me for the UBC Creative Writing Alumni website, and the videos are now live! If you want to know what my hair looks like after an afternoon of summer bike-riding and how great my favourite lip colour is, in addition to learning what I’m working on right now and how I feel about ice-cream… Check it out, and please share widely so that as many people as possible have the opportunity to hear me talk about fairy tales and line breaks.

UBC Alumni Interview - December 15 2015

My thanks to Fran for taking the time to interview me, and to all the fellow writers who have shared ice-cream and/or hot chocolate with me over discussions about the practice of writing. Writing is a pretty solitary vocation, and it means a lot to have such a warm and wonderful community of talented friends and peers.

Speaking of hot chocolate—it’s the middle of December already! I hope you’re huddled up with great books and some delicious hot drinks. However you’re celebrating the season, my best wishes to you and yours!