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Twinkling Elise

Poet Elise Marcella Godfrey

I had the privilege to hang out with dear friend and fellow poet Elise Marcella Godfrey and talk to her about poetry, process, and on the darknesses and brightness in art and the world. Does that sound too lofty? Don’t worry, we also talk about dessert. Read the whole interview over on the Swoon blog! Here’s a sneak peak at how lovely and intelligent Elise is:

I would say that that balance [of light and dark] is very important to me, because I find it hard to sustain any kind of consistent work if I am not able to find points of aperture into some larger sense of possibility, which is akin to hopefulness, I suppose … I think I am becoming more and more conscious of the way that I gravitate towards certain subject matter in my writing because I have become more aware of how writing can both disrupt and perpetuate patterns in our own lives as well as in the wider world. Choosing one’s subject matter (which narratives to interrogate or interrupt and which to build or propel forward) is thus not an off-hand process; it can affect both culture and community.

I would also like to mention how completely thrilled I am that I was able to catch this candid photo of Elise, with a boat named Twinkle in the foreground. It’s a perfect photograph and if you don’t agree then that is simply because I have a higher tolerance for cuteness than you happen to have and that is okay and we can probably still be friends.