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Thanks to everyone who came out to Trees on Saturday night to join us in a celebration of Boobs: Women Explore What it Means to Have Breasts. And my sincerest things to Zuri Scrivens, Lynn Easton, Christina Myers, and Jane Eaton Hamilton for sharing their work with us. The cafe was vibrant with sincere emotion, and I was—as I think everyone was—very moved.

Thanks to Trees for hosting! Trees is the usual home of  Swoon: A Reading Series on Love & Desire. Keep in touch, because co-host Sierra Skye Gemma and I have some wonderful things planned for the fall 2016 event.

Here are a handful of photos of the Boobs reading. What an amazing group of writers! In the final group shot (from left to right): Lynn Easton, Christina Myers, Ruth Daniell, Jane Eaton Hamilton, Zuri Scrivens. I’m so grateful for these voices.