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Love and Impatience_C76VQgwW0AAea0h

Annabelle Carvell and Carlotta Eden, co-founders/editors of the gorgeously-produced Synaesthesia Magazine, have been slowly unfolding their newest issue, BODY&SEX, online over the course of this month. Two years ago–in spring 2015–they published my short fiction “Daily Bread” in their EAT issue and I’m honoured to be included in their new BODY&SEX issue with the publication of my poem “Love and Impatience.” Annabelle and Carlotta have paired it with lovely art by LA-based artist James R. Eads. Follow the link to read the entire poem and see the full illustration, too. I also recommend that you spend some time appreciating the rest of the BODY&SEX issue–it’s full of tender, thoughtful, and sometimes tantalizing visual art and literature. My own poem, “Love and Impatience,” is a love poem about the challenges and necessities of lovers supporting partners who are survivors of sexual violence. I’m super grateful to the editors of Synaesthesia Magazine for giving it a home.