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I’ve got two new poems in the newest issue of Grain: “Folk Tale Type 425C” and “On Learning a Girlfriend Started Cutting Again.” In very different ways, both poems explore the way that love, even good love, can fail to meet our expectations of “happily ever after.”


Both of these poems happen to be particularly dear to me, and I’m really happy to see them in their first home in Grain–a journal that seems especially generous towards work that veers out a little past the expected (I’m still grateful they published my seven-page-long mermaid poem a couple years ago). My thanks to current editor Adam Pottle for his support this time round. I encourage you all to check out the entire issue–it’s full of excellent writing, and I’m also very partial to Winnie Truong’s visual art, which is featured throughout the issue. (By happy coincidence, Winnie Truong was also the cover artist of another lit mag I’ve been published in–the first issue of Canthius!)