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Gingerbread House 24My piece “Poem for a Protective Brother” is available in issue 24 of Gingerbread House Literary Magazine. I’m particularly pleased that this poem–based on the “Hansel and Gretel” fairy tale–made it into this magazine. I couldn’t help submitting my Hansel and Gretel poem to a journal entitled Gingerbread House. Actually, I’ve been watching Gingerbread House for awhile now (as I do all fairy tale journals) and I think they publish some really neat stuff–take a look at the rest of the issue, and the archives, if you’re curious for some magical literature. The editors pair each literary work with visual art, and it’s obvious how much attention goes into the curation.

My thanks to the editors for including me in their very pretty journal, and especially to Christine Butterworth-McDermott for her care. You can start here to read my poem, but be sure to check out the entire journal for good stuff!