Shortlisted for the 2016 Magpie Prize for Poetry

I’m super pleased to pass on the news that I am shortlisted for the 2016 Magpie Prize for Poetry, through the kind folks of Pulp Literature.  And I’m not just pleased because the prize is named after a remarkable bird (Did you know that the black-billed magpie has a tail that makes up half of itsContinue reading “Shortlisted for the 2016 Magpie Prize for Poetry”

The London Magazine Poetry Competition 2014 Shortlist Announcement

I just found out that I made the shortlist for The London Magazine‘s international poetry contest with my poem “The Knight, the Young Girl, and Death”! It strikes me as a bit unreal that readers all the way in the UK read my poem–but it’s true…. You can go check out my name on The LondonContinue reading “The London Magazine Poetry Competition 2014 Shortlist Announcement”

CBC Canada Writes Shakespeare Selfie Shortlist

As a follow up to my last post, I am pleased to report that my poem, “Ophelia, attending a garden on the ground floor of a Vancouver apartment building,” made the shortlist of CBC Canada Writes Shakespeare Selfie Challenge. You can follow the links and read all the shortlisted entries if you like–including mine, ifContinue reading “CBC Canada Writes Shakespeare Selfie Shortlist”