A poem in The Quilliad, Issue 6

My copy of The Qulliad, issue 6, arrived in the mail this week! And guess whose poem is the first piece in the issue? That’s right–it’s mine. I’m pretty excited to be on page one of such a stellar line-up. Pick up a copy of the new Quilliad to read “Bluebeard’s First Wife,” as wellContinue reading “A poem in The Quilliad, Issue 6”

A poem forthcoming in The Quilliad

In the creepy fairy tale “Bluebeard,” his wife is condemned to die because she discovers the ghastly evidence that confirms he murdered his previous wives. Bluebeard decides to kill her because she knows his terrible secret. But what brought about his decision to kill his first wife, who had no previous wives’ deaths to unearthContinue reading “A poem forthcoming in The Quilliad”