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I am absolutely THRILLED that Contemporary Verse 2 and Sue Goyette has named me the winner of the 2014 Young Buck Poetry Prize for my poem, “Fire and Safety.”

Congrats to my fellow writers on the shortlist, and gratitude to everyone who’s jumping up and down with me. Hooray! I am kind of in awe to be recognized like this. young-buck-web-bannerSome of you may remember that last year I was a runner-up for the Young Buck Poetry Prize. If you’re impatient for “Fire and Safety” and the other poems from this year’s contest to be published in a future issue of Contemporary Verse 2, you can always order yourself a back issue from this summer and read “Rapunzel“while you wait!

Thanks to Contemporary Verse 2 for their ongoing support. Do consider grabbing yourself the summer back issue, or their current issue, or getting a subscription—they are one of my favourite literary magazines in Canada by a long shot (and that’s even before I became affectionately biased)!