A Night of 48 Hour Poems

On Wednesday, June 24, I’ll be participating in a fun event, and I hope to see you there! Lara Varesi is hosting A Night of 48 Hour Poems, in collaboration with Pandora’s Collective and Contemporary Verse 2. Each year, CV2 holds a 48 hour poetry contest where participants are given 10 words that must be used in the poems within specific guidelines. I participated this year and so I’ve been invited to perform along with the other poets in the Lower Mainland who wrote a poem in 48 hours. I’m really looking forward to it! It’s an opportunity hear a bunch of poets’ creative poems from the same 10 words. I’m really looking forward to see what my fellow poets came up with; it will be really neat to see the wide range of poems that were created using the same set of 10 words!

Wednesday June 24
Pandora’s Collective and CV2 Present
A Night of 48 Hour Poems
The Cottage Bistro
4470 Main Street Vancouver
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[Update:] I had a lovely time on at the Night of 48 Hour Poems! What a wonderful, warm, inclusive event. I hope I have reason to attend next year. Thanks to Bonnie Nish and all the organizers who helped put it together! The winners of the CV2 2 Day Poem Contest have just gone been announced, and you can go read them here, and also vote on the people’s choice award shortlist. My poem isn’t a winner this year, but very honestly I’m just tickled to have participated and been prompted to create a new poem! (Besides—Contemporary Verse 2 contests have been very good to me already!) I highly recommend registering for next year’s contest, if you want a fun challenge.

Published by Ruth Daniell

Ruth Daniell is a speech arts teacher, a book editor, and an award-winning writer. Her first full-length collection of poems is The Brightest Thing (Caitlin Press, 2019). She lives in Kelowna, BC, where is at work on her second collection of poems.

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