A Mermaid in Saskatoon’s Grain: A Journal of Eclectic Writing

Grain 1Right up there with my elation to be published in Arc Poetry Magazine is my excitement that I have poetry appearing in Grain. “The Third Eldest Sea Princess” is a long suite of poems based on Hans Christian Andersen’s famous fairy tale, “The Little Mermaid,” but it tells the story from the point of view of one of the little mermaid’s older sisters. An early version of “The Third Eldest Sea Princess” was longlisted for the CBC Poetry Prize a couple years ago, and I’m very happy that the complete suite found a home in Grain. The poem is an integral part of my manuscript, The Brightest Thing, and is indicative of my wider interest in fairy tales and devoiced or marginalized women’s voices.Grain 3

I encourage you to pick up a copy of the new Grain! It’s not very often you’ll be able to find this much mermaid poetry all in one place! My thanks to the editors for their support, especially Edward Willett and Kelly-Anne Riess. Not all editors would be so enthusiastic about seven pages of mermaid poetry, and I’m incredibly grateful!

You’ll notice that this long mermaid poem is the second of two mermaid things I’ve gotten published this summer. Purely a coincidence, as they were written many months apart–but delightful because now it’s a summer of mermaid lit, as it were… If you missed it, my short story “Mermaid in the Seine” is published in the latest issue of Toronto’s (parenthetical). 

Published by Ruth Daniell

Ruth Daniell is a speech arts teacher, a book editor, and an award-winning writer. Her first full-length collection of poems is The Brightest Thing (Caitlin Press, 2019). She lives in Kelowna, BC, where is at work on her second collection of poems.

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