LitFest Alberta 2016 in sunny (!) Edmonton in October 2016

BOOBS_cover_alu_modalcoverI had a wonderful time in Edmonton for LitFest 2016! Not only was the weekend full of fantastic conversation about storytelling, Edmonton’s weather cooperated and it was clear and sunny and beautiful for my entire visit. I’m so grateful to LitFest and Caitlin Press for coordinating my attendance and the presentation of Boobs: Women Explore What it Means to Have BreastsIt’s such a pleasure to be able to be an active part of the discussion around the book and to see people breaking down the barriers to honest, open conversation around the realities of living in the body.

I had the pleasure of being a part of two panels. The first event, on Friday October 21, I had the opportunity to talk about what is “normal” with Betsy Warland, Camilla Gibb, and Ruby Remenda Swanson. We had a great turn out for the lunchtime event, and I’m so grateful for LitFest and the folk at CBC for hosting us! Obviously, pick up a copy of Boobs if you haven’t already, but also check out the other excellent books represented at the panel. Betsy Warland’s Oscar of Between: A Memoir of Identity and Ideas is a gorgeous, lyrical book about personhood and living in the world. Camilla Gibb’s This is Happy investigates family from the other side of “normal.” Ruby Remenda Swanson’s memoir, A Family Outingtells her story of mothering a gay son and the need for activism. All the writers challenged my heart and my mind and I’m grateful for my time with them.

On Saturday the 22, Betsy Warland and I partnered up again, this time to talk about body politics and the process of writing, editing, and structuring a book. We were lucky enough to have Ruby with us again, this time as our host.body-politics-litfest-panel-ruth-reading

My thanks to everyone who came out to the Saturday panel, too. It was a wonderful, warm audience who offered great questions and conversation on the books.

I had the chance to hang out and catch a couple of the other festival events, which were all excellent too. My congratulations to Fawnda Mithrush, Talia Davies,  and everyone at LitFest for putting together such an engaging, successful festival that brings writers and readers together. I hope to be back soon!

From left to right: Ruby Remenda Swanson, Besty Warland, and Ruth Daniell


Published by Ruth Daniell

Ruth Daniell is a speech arts teacher, a book editor, and an award-winning writer. Her first full-length collection of poems is The Brightest Thing (Caitlin Press, 2019). She lives in Kelowna, BC, where is at work on her second collection of poems.

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