“Blue Moon” Under the Bus Shelter

I’m gobsmacked. It’s really so cool to know that my poem is on a poster at a bus shelter (actually, two! there are two posters that feature my poem!). And my poem will be driving around the province on public transit buses, too. Thank to everyone at Read Local BC for choosing my little loveContinue reading ““Blue Moon” Under the Bus Shelter”

Poem included in Poetry in Transit

Hi, friends! I’ll be performing (online) as part of the launch of Poetry in Transit on September 25, 1-2pm. It’s a free event presented by Read Local BC and you can register here. I’m very excited to have a poem on public transit–it’s been a little dream of mine since I was a wee undergraduateContinue reading “Poem included in Poetry in Transit”

New poem forthcoming in Watch Your Head (anthology)

I’m thrilled to be a contributor to this important project: Watch Your Head: Responding to the Climate Crisis. The book is due to be released in the fall, but the book’s cover is revealed now and you can pre-order. Please do. This book’s proceeds will go towards battling the climate crisis, and it’s full ofContinue reading “New poem forthcoming in Watch Your Head (anthology)”

Poem included in Poetry in Voice anthology

I grew up performing other writers’ work in speech arts festivals, nursing the hope that one day I would be a published writer like those whose work I knew by heart. It means so much to know that today there are young performers who are performing my poetry. Truly, one of the things I’m mostContinue reading “Poem included in Poetry in Voice anthology”

New poetry in The Feathertale Review, no 19

My poem, “Passionate Bowerbird to His Mate” which is written after Christopher Marlowe’s “Passionate Shepherd to His Love” and inspired by David Attenborough’s commentary on nature documentaries, appears in the latest issue of The Feathertale Review. I’m delighted that anyone else thinks I’m funny. Check out the issue here and enjoy a chuckle or two–there’s lots ofContinue reading “New poetry in The Feathertale Review, no 19”

LitFest Alberta 2016 in sunny (!) Edmonton in October 2016

I had a wonderful time in Edmonton for LitFest 2016! Not only was the weekend full of fantastic conversation about storytelling, Edmonton’s weather cooperated and it was clear and sunny and beautiful for my entire visit. I’m so grateful to LitFest and Caitlin Press for coordinating my attendance and the presentation of Boobs: Women ExploreContinue reading “LitFest Alberta 2016 in sunny (!) Edmonton in October 2016”

Presenting Boobs anthology at 2016 LitFest Alberta in Edmonton Oct 21 & 22

So! This is something I’ve been looking forward to awhile. I have the pleasure of being on two panels as part of ListFest Alberta near the end of October. I’ll be in conversation with some smart writers from across the country, discussing societal expectations, the writing and editing process, and what it means to liveContinue reading “Presenting Boobs anthology at 2016 LitFest Alberta in Edmonton Oct 21 & 22”

I’m thrilled to finally announce that together with my amazingly talented collaborator Laura Ritland I have a chapbook coming out with JackPine Press. We’re launching the limited edition chapbook at the JackPine launch next weekend in Saskatoon. Come say hello! (Click on the poster to take you to the event listing on Facebook.) Four Portraits isContinue reading

Boobs launch in Calgary filled Shelf Life Books

I had an amazing time in Calgary last weekend. It had been many years since I’d visited the city and it was so much fun to spend time there and soak up some Albertan sun (there’s plenty sun here right now on the west coast, too). My thanks to Shelf Life Books for hosting theContinue reading “Boobs launch in Calgary filled Shelf Life Books”

Boobs at Book Warehouse Main Street

What a lovely evening of reading and discussion! Thank you so much to James and everyone at Book Warehouse Main Street for having us. Last night was a truly warm and intimate discussion of what it means to have breasts. My heart is full of gratitude to Francine Cunningham and Miranda Pearson for sharing theirContinue reading “Boobs at Book Warehouse Main Street”