May 13 interview on Roadhouse Radio 98.3 Vancouver

I’m going to be chatting about Boobs: Women Explore What It Means to Have Breasts tomorrow  May 13 on Roundhouse Radio 98.3 Vancouver. Tune in for the whole show between 3-6pm; I’ll be talking with Janice and Cory around 4pm. You can also listen in live via their website. I’m looking forward to talking about howContinue reading “May 13 interview on Roadhouse Radio 98.3 Vancouver”

Interview with poet Elise Marcella Godfrey

I had the privilege to hang out with dear friend and fellow poet Elise Marcella Godfrey and talk to her about poetry, process, and on the darknesses and brightness in art and the world. Does that sound too lofty? Don’t worry, we also talk about dessert. Read the whole interview over on the Swoon blog! Here’sContinue reading “Interview with poet Elise Marcella Godfrey”

Interview with Boobs contributors up on All Lit Up for International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day! I’m delighted that a feature about Boobs: Women Explore What it Means to Have Breasts—due to be published later this month by Caitlin Press—is up on the All Lit Up website today as the newest edition of Jules’ Tools for Social Change. Julia Horel interviews me about how the Boobs project cameContinue reading “Interview with Boobs contributors up on All Lit Up for International Women’s Day”

Interview with UBC Creative Writing Alumni Association

Awhile back, Francine Cunningham interviewed me for the UBC Creative Writing Alumni website, and the videos are now live! If you want to know what my hair looks like after an afternoon of summer bike-riding and how great my favourite lip colour is, in addition to learning what I’m working on right now and how IContinue reading “Interview with UBC Creative Writing Alumni Association”

An Interview with Ruth Daniell for Geosi Reads

I was recently interviewed by Geosi Gyasi, a Ghanaian poet who writes the popular book blog Geosi Reads. You can now read the whole interview online. I talk about the origins of Swoon, my belief in the importance of speech arts and teaching, my thoughts on literary prizes, as well as some musings about my writing process,Continue reading “An Interview with Ruth Daniell for Geosi Reads”

Interview with Jeffrey Ricker

Former Swoon co-host Jeffrey Ricker is a two-time novelist, a prolific short story writer, budding poet, and an all-around awesome person. I recently caught up with him online on behalf of Swoon to find out what he’s been working on since he moved away from Vancouver, and to find out what he’s doing for Valentine’sContinue reading “Interview with Jeffrey Ricker”

Interview with Jordan Hall

I met up with Jordan Hall—who was one of the inaugural readers at Swoon in spring 2013 and is the current Playwright-in-Residence at Pi Theatre—to eat waffles and ice cream and talk to her about Carmilla, the new webseries that she wrote and is currently airing every Tuesday and Thursday for SmokeBomb Entertainment. You canContinue reading “Interview with Jordan Hall”

The Writer Tag and Blog Hop, or: My writing process, complete with a robin in the garden

I find it endlessly fascinating to know about other writers’ processes, so I am pretty pleased with the current Writer Tag and Blog Hop that’s going on! I get to read everyone else’s trade secrets and decide which ones I want to steal–and so do you! You also get to look at some photos ofContinue reading “The Writer Tag and Blog Hop, or: My writing process, complete with a robin in the garden”

Interview with Garth Martens

Garth Martens was a featured reader for Swoon in April, when he read from his debut collection of poetry, Prologue for the  Age of Consequence. I recently caught up with Garth to find out a little bit more about how the book came to be and to discover more about his passion for flamenco. He’s written the libretto for an international flamencoContinue reading “Interview with Garth Martens”